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~ Full Service HairCuts ~

We believe the difference between a haircut and an exquisite haircut is the full service. In order to guarantee your haircut, it is our policy to always include shampoo and style. This ensures your final style.

Women   $40 - $45

Men  $25

         Teen Cut   $32- $37​(gir​​ls 11-17)​

         Child Cut   $22- $27 ​(10 & under)



(Pricing varies with stylist level)


~ Custom Styling ~

Sometimes you just want someone else to shampoo you, other times the idea of flat ironing you own hair is stressful and then there are those special occasions... Leave  the work to us...

(hair needs to be clean and dry when not having shampoo)

Shampoo Blow-dry $30

Shampoo/Blow dry/ Style  35 & up

 Flat Iron or Wavy Curls  $25

        Special Occasion  $35 & up

       UpDo  $60 & up

   Bridal  $65 & up

  Bridal Package Starts at  $130

​(this includes 1 practice and wedding day...prices may vary due to design)​

~ Conditioning Treatments ~

Malibu Mineral removing & Pre-color Treatments $40 & up

(Price is determined by time necessary for your needs)

Brazilian B3 Bond Building Treatments:

Instant Repair $15

B3 Demi Perm Bond Building Treatment $60

B3 Color Additive $25 per 1/2 oz

Brazilian Blowout Mask $20

Kuene Moisturizing $15

~ Color ~

All color services include your finished style.

Your free consultation may be required before certain color services.

(color prices vary due to stylist and amount of color used)

*For optimum color results, we recommend freshly cleansed hair. 


Root Retouch   $60 & up

 Retouch and Refresh ends  $65 & up

     Partial Foil one color  $70 & up

      Full Foil one color  $100 & up

Retouch/Partial one color  $100 & up

Double process $140 & up

Toner  with hightlite or filler  $15-$25

Ombre/Balayage/Speciality Color $120 and up

Corrective Color by Consultation only

Upgrade your color with Brazilian B3 Bond builder.  Repair and Rebuild your locks while you color!  $20-$40







~ Texture ~

All texture services include finished style. Your free consulation may be required before scheduling certain services.


  ~ Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatments~

Full $295 & up, includes take home

(Based on 2.5 hours)

1/4 section $60 & up

~Brazilian Express Blowout ~

$150 or $100 as an add-on

~Perms ~

Prices vary will need to consult  


(Prices are based on time as well as hair type/length/density/texture. Additional charges may apply for longer, thicker hair)

 Please note: 2 weeks of conditioning treatments may be required to acheive the healthiest result on extremely damaged hair.)


~ Hair Extensions ~

​(A complimentary consultation is required before scheduling)

Sew in

Clip-in ​

(Hair not included in pricing)

Application Only   $50

Apply & Blend to fit   $65

Apply/Blend to fit/Style   $75

Color/Apply/Blend/Style   $150

We supply hair add $125 & up


Apply only   $15

Apply/Blend to fit   $25

(prices are based on you supplying the hair unless otherwise noted.)


~ Manicures ~

The benefits of manicuring is not only to enhance the appearance of the nails, but to treat the nails, hands and arms with oils, moisturizers and massage to help increase blood circulation and prevent premature wrinkling of the skin around them. When scheduling choose the best procedure for your tired, worn out hands.

 The Complete Treat   $35 

Enjoy soaking in a hot oil/lotion followed by a deep and relaxing finger, hand and arm massage. After cuticle care and nail shaping, hot towels will cover a hydrating mask transforming your hands from ordinary to extraordinary! Seal the moisture in with our lavender paraffin dip. Finish with the polish of your choice.

Add Gel polish for $10

Treat yourself for 60 minutes

 The Stress Buster   $29 

Pamper yourself by soaking in a hot oil/lotion leading to cuticle care and nail shaping.  After a stress relieving finger, hand and arm massage, dip into a lukewarm Lavender paraffin to remove the days of hard work. Finish with your choice of polish. 

Add Gel polish for $10

Bust that stress for 45 minutes

 The Bare Necessity   $25 

When you just want a quick clean up...begin by relaxing your overworked hands in a warm cleansing solution followed by a quick moistuiurizing. We'll get your cuticles pushed back, your nails shaped and polish them with your choice of polish.

Add Gel polish for $10

Bare your hands for 30 minutes

 The In Between   $12 

Let us focus on the fingernails with a quick polish change.​

Change it up in 15 minutes

 Gel Polish   $28 

Get the best of both worlds with this 2 week Gel Lacquer. It is perfect for the vacation, wedding or busy time to eliminate the bothersome chipping of a conventional polish.

Add to any manicure for $10



From Shaping your brows to removing that fuzz above your lip to a worry free beach vacation and everything in between, you can trust any one of our very skilled stylists to eliminate that unwanted hair!

Full Facial

Eyebrow  $17

Lip $12

Chin $16

Sideburns $20

Facial (brow/lip/chin) $36




Get a little "off the beach" glow for your special occasion.  Worried about that orange glow?  Do not fret!  When using our recommended exfoliator and solutions, we guarantee you will not look like an oompaloompa!  Choose from our take home products to prolong your tan!  Our trained Tanning Technicians will help you decide which is best for you!


Airbrush Tanning Session $35

Exfoliator Packett $2

*recommended for optimum prep

ExMitt $7

*for that last minute decision

Packages are available but vary with seasons.


Massage has so many benefits!  From just needing help with relaxing, to stress management, muscle pain to muscle injury, scar tissue to headaches!  Victoria takes the time to get to know you and what you need in massage.  She will cater to your needs and suggest on-going care to improve your overall physical health.

90 min   60 min   30 min

$105         $70       $35

Swedish Relaxation Massage

This light to medium therapeutic pressure helps boost mood while relieving stress and reducing pain all while promoting relaxation.

Deep Tissue 

Very similar to The Swedish Massage concentrating on the deepest level of muscle releasing knots and chronic muscle tension.

Neck, Shoulder and upper Back

Using the same techniques as the previous two, with concentration on relieving stress and tension in the upper body.

Plantar Fasciitis

A Deep Tissue Massage technique concentrating on the deeper muscle tissues by applying deep finger pressure on the fascia, Achilles heel and calf muscles. This can help release the muscle tension, remove toxins and ensure circulation as well as break up the scar tissue.  Regular treatments is very beneficial in shortening the length of injury and pain.  

Scar Tissue Mobilization

This is very beneficial in decreasing scar tissue build-up.  Whether the cause is post surgical, or injury, scar tissue massage helps improve blood flow, reduces swelling and proliferation as well as regain feeling in the area while decreasing numbness, tingling and soreness while increasing range of motion and the scar's flexibility.

90 min   60 min   30 min

$105         $70       $35

Chair Massage

10 and 15 min Neck and Shoulders


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